Supported Care

There are times in life where we all find ourselves needing a little bit of extra support. We view our supported care as us extending a helping hand to our clients so that they can continue to live life as normal. Our supported care service seeks to provide our clients with the help they need in order to remain at home, or in a familiar environment, and still retain their independence.

Supported care is a blanket term we use to describe the general services we provide, though every care plan we design is unique. This may mean providing care for an individual living alone in an apartment, providing support to individuals recovering from a health problem, or aiding a group of individuals in a shared home.

We appreciate that each individual’s circumstances will be different, that is why we provide supported care that is carefully created specifically for you. Typical tasks required of our supported care service include helping you out of bed in the morning, aiding you on your commute to school or work, and assisting with simple tasks such as personal care, administrative tasks, housework, and shopping.

If you believe that you or your loved ones could benefit from our supported care, please contact us to begin discussing the options available to you.

Affiliation Disclaimer

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