Post-Operative Care

We provide our clients with post-operative care as we know that having the right care after your surgery is vital to your recovery. We offer experienced nurses to assist you while you recover.

We appreciate that every recovery journey is different. Our nurses are trained in a variety of techniques to help nurse you back to full health. Whether you need wound dressings or injections you can have peace of mind knowing we are committed to you and your recovery.

Affiliation Disclaimer

Please be advised that “The Place Care” is in no way associated, affiliated, or connected with “Legacy Wealth,” nor do we endorse or sponsor any services, products, or activities of Legacy Wealth.

It has come to our attention that there may be documents in circulation regarding the issuing of Certificates of Sponsorship with Contracts to sign, and payment requests for visa processing, bearing the name of Legacy Private Limited in connection with Legacy Wealth. Please note that these documents are unauthorised, and The Place Care has no knowledge of or involvement in these matters.