About us

Our approach recognises our clients as individuals with specific and unique needs and care requirements.

Who we are

The Place Care is a company that was founded on the belief that we can improve on the already established care systems and services available to provide our clients with the best possible care.

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What distinguishes us from our competitors is our client-first approach. We create bespoke care plans for each of our clients and discuss their care journey to ensure that their voice is heard. We want to brighten what can be an impersonal and daunting experience.

We understand the compulsion to remain independent even in sickness and old age. We aim to oversee your medical care and encourage a dialogue between caregiver and patient, ensuring you are left with the agency and dignity.

It is our aim that our clients are treated with dignity and respect when it comes to decisions involving their health. Our approach recognises our clients as individuals with specific and unique needs and care requirements.

Our Staff

Our Founder and Nurse Manager oversees a team of highly qualified and experienced Nurses.

Our team is comprised of competent Nurses with years of industry experience and knowledge. We provide a range of services, from live-in to palliative care.

All our staff are highly skilled and trained nurses, carers, and support workers. The extensive services we provide mean all our staff are multi-faceted individuals capable of providing premium quality of care.

Although our staff have knowledge of different areas of nursing and care, we are united by one common goal – we are dedicated to providing unrivalled, customised care.

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Our Ethos

Our Ethos is heavily rooted in all of our practices. Our business’s foundations operate on the six core values of nursing: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment.

These values influence and inform every action and decision we make. This means that we carry ourselves with integrity which enables us to make the best choices for you while you are on your care journey.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best compassionate and effective nursing care. Often when we find ourselves in a position where we need care, our autonomy is reduced.

We seek to restore autonomy to our clients by including them in any decision making related to their care. In this way, they are able to maintain some control over how they are treated.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the best-personalised care for as long as it is needed. No task is too small or too challenging for our competent team members. Although our care programs will vary with each individual, our demeanour remains constant.

We promise to handle every situation with compassion, sensitivity, and discretion. We are dedicated to our clients and our profession, meaning your wellbeing is in our capable hands.

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Affiliation Disclaimer

Please be advised that “The Place Care” is in no way associated, affiliated, or connected with “Legacy Wealth,” nor do we endorse or sponsor any services, products, or activities of Legacy Wealth.

It has come to our attention that there may be documents in circulation regarding the issuing of Certificates of Sponsorship with Contracts to sign, and payment requests for visa processing, bearing the name of Legacy Private Limited in connection with Legacy Wealth. Please note that these documents are unauthorised, and The Place Care has no knowledge of or involvement in these matters.